Antarctica Adventure - 2002

Day 6 Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay & Port Lockroy We were still in cloudy conditions in the early morning with some snow softly falling us. The sky was low and rather broody as we arrived, but it lifted somewhat and we even saw some blue sky patches that sent light onto the peaks and bergs. It was hard to convince ourselves that we were truly cruising down the Peninsula of the seventh continent. It really was a white/silver/gray world with clouds and sea blending into one. There was no obvious horizonand only the obdurate rocky faces and cliffs made any contrast at all with their stark blackness relieved only by the voluminous snow. Here, with silvery light coming from the overcast skies, even the glaciers and bergs showed little color, just ghostly hints of the blues and greens, which seemed to erupt out of them in sunlight.


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