Antarctica Adventure - 2002

N EKO H ARBOR Our group, Zodiac Group A, was second ashore this morning at Neko Harbor on the Peninsula our first steps on the continent. We were met by Gentoo Penguins who stand about 32 inches high and weigh about 12 pounds. The white patch, shaped like an upside down light bulb, which narrows into the band running over the tops of their heads then widening out again above the other eye made their first human observers think of a turban. And that’s why they are called Gentoo, the word in German for turban. The little rookery was very busy rather late in the year according to Klemens, our penguin expert. They were sitting on eggs and on chicks and there were some older chicks, fully covered with down feathers in the nursery. When penguin chicks of all species are fully downed, they move out of the nest into a group containing all the rookery’s young. Then the parents come to find them and feed them there, identifying the right chick by its own particular call, that sounds like a cross between a whistle and a cough. Because winter comes in April, the chicks still in eggs or in the nest are


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