Antarctica Adventure - 2002


Our third time off the ship today was to visit Port Lockroy, an old British Antarctic Survey post that now serves as a Gentoo rookery and a museum. The buildings have been carefully restored to their circa l950s look and they are manned during the winter by some ambitious Brits who sell stamps and cards and other little gift items to support the upkeep of the museum and they will accept mail which takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to reach the US. It has to await a ship which will take it to the Falkland Islands from whence it heads for the UK and then is finally sorted and sent on the places in the USA. We mailed a couple of experimental postcards just to see how long it takes to get them here. The buildings were made of wood and were sturdy looking. These hard working fellows have even painted the trim on the eaves and windows a bright red which is a welcome spot of color in the “film negative” world of snow and ice. The rooms are all designed to be used by several folks at the same time, probably necessary to add warmth to what the inadequate heating sources provide. Now, of course, nobody tries to exist here in winter, but back in the 40s and 50s, it was a working scientific station,


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