Antarctica Adventure - 2002

L EMAIRE C HANNEL Day 7 We awoke to another cold, rainy, snowy, foggy, leaden sky day with choppy seas but no rollers. Out on deck, there was ice clinging to the railings and blowing in our faces. It took courage to stay outside of the cozy stateroom. There was no Zodiac expedition in the morning due to the weather conditions.

However, the Hanseatic took us cruising in the Lemaire Channel, a narrow bit of ocean running between the Peninsula and the outer islands. Maybe it was even better to see this bit of the world in such inhospitable conditions because they probably added to the impressions we formed. The land we did see on either side muscled its way out of the fog and snow occasionally so that we could discern the architectonic mountains plunging right into the sea beside us covered with millennia of snow and ice, cradling glaciers calving directly into the waters around us. A strange glowing light bathed the mountain tops and the snowfields startlingly and periodically—maybe the sun was trying to burn an opening in the damp cloud and fog rags hanging in nature’s theater.


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