Antarctica Adventure - 2002

We saw some Adelie Penguins floating by us on bergie bits along with other passengers, the seals. The Channel is short and so narrow that ice often clogs it completely. As we slowly pushed our way through, we learned about brash ice which is loose ice in easily movable small pieces that pose neither hindrance nor threat to ships or boats. Then there's the pack ice that can be highly dangerous when it piles up and is moved about by the ocean swells and currents or when it blocks a channel or the stretches of ocean with solid ice as far as the eye can see. Floes, which are pieces of the pack that have broken away and now float about on their own, are particularly dangerous as they move about following the wind, sea swells and currents. Interspersed in this channel with the pack ice were “bergie bits” (small ice bergs posing no particular threat as long as they are not hit or flip over creating waves that could swamp smaller boats) and “growlers” the rotten remains of melting bergie bits which float low in the water and rub against the sides of a boat creating the characteristic “growls.”


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