Antarctica Adventure - 2002

O N THE R OAD A GAIN Day 1 American Airlines flight from Miami to Buenos Aires was excellent for the passengers not crowded (so sleeping was easier with several empty seats allowing better sleeping conditions) and no scary incidents of any kind. This was a new airplane to us (or perhaps a refurbished one) with little video-screens on the back of each seat. Rather neat for watching the movies or news or whatever. Landed at Buenos Aires around 9:30 AM and were taken to Hotel Intercontinental which was very nice. Took a nap for a short while and then got up to explore B.A. after 11 years absence. As an aside in 2016 as I review this journal, consider the change in entertainment technology developed in only 14 years! B UENOS A IRES Day 2 Lunch at the Terazo del Virrey, an outdoor restaurant for the hotel, which gave us hints of things to come had we but been clairvoyant. It was a lovely setting with the tables nicely spaced beneath a high, tent like canopy hung on lovely wrought iron posts. The food was excellent, but it was difficult to keep the napkins on the table or our hair on our heads because the winds were blowing strongly and steadily. As it turned out, the wind would be a fairly constant companion on this whole trip: tormenter, air-freshener, hindrance, exhilarator, bogeyman, and artist. There were many flowers blooming all around us, hibiscus, bougainvillea, bromeliads, all in rainbow hues, and all being tossed about by the wind. P LAZA DE M AYO After lunch, we went on a pre-arranged city tour and were taken first to the Plaza de Mayo, the very same place we had vowed not go near since it had been the center of political demonstrations over the years. Sure enough, there was a “manifestation,” as our Argentinean guide quaintly labeled it, going on right then. It was more a sad to see than a frightening. The people were very orderly and were obviously country folk; there were the men, women, children, old and young, who have been so hard hit by the meltdown. There were probably 500 people altogether and they marched along to drumbeats of their own making carrying signs denoting their unemployment, their financial desperation, and their demands that their government does something to help them. There were masses of police


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