Antarctica Adventure - 2002

However, when we looked at Neptune’s Window,, clouds effectively hid the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula from our view, so we would have failed to discover the continent had we been the first to check out the view. We walked the entire length of the beach and forded the pretty little glacial stream running from the top of the caldera mountains to the sea. We looked with pleasure at the doughty penguins frolicking in the surf; these were penguins without the apparent cares of parenthood since there were no babies or adolescents at this site. They toddle down to the beach like little babies learning to walk, get their feet wet in the surf, wait for a

bigger wave and then sort of fall in head first. Then you see them “porposising” through the waves with such streamlined efficiency. Next, through the clear ocean water, you can see them flying under the surface with even greater efficiency. Their grace and maneuverability in the water are really quite splendid. After they have finished bathing and playing, they await a bigger wave which sort of flings them back up on the shore where they often land face and belly down. Then they pop up sort of like a Shmoo doll from L’l Abner, for those of you old enough to remember, and then regain their dignified carriage before waddling away from the tide. What improbable but wondrous creatures they are.


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