Antarctica Adventure - 2002

Some of our more adventuresome party took the opportunity to take a plunge in a shoveled out pool. We didn't.

Later in the day, the ship called at Jubany Station, an Argentinean base, on a nearby island where we off-loaded two young female German scientists who would be spending the summer working there; one was doing research on skuas and the other on crabeater seals. It too is a lovely spot, with glaciers meeting the sea, a nunatak, which is a mountain buried all but its very top section in a glacier, and a volcanic plug called Los Tres Hermanos guarding the bay opening. Volcanic ash sits under the two research stations here but does not cover the glaciers which are severely white and frigid looking. The buildings of the Argentinean and Spanish stations sat side by side were fairly new looking with grayish-black siding. The rooftops of the Spanish were orange and tops for the Argentineans were red. The gaily painted national flags decorating part of the roof of each main building added some color to the black and white world. It was true, we could not


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