Antarctica Adventure - 2002

when the waves were breaking in open ocean. At first, we thought it was kelp floating at the surface or may plankton, but it really was light playing along the wave tops.

When the sun is not shining, the Antarctic world is a forbidding wilderness, cold and uninviting. But when the sun does shine, it still looks cold but not quite so inimical and the world is suddenly full Technicolor and your eyes are dazzled by the variety of shapes and colors. No wonder sailors, explorers, whalers, sealers, photographers, and we tourists are so captivated by this incredible show! Our afternoon Zodiac excursion was the third choice, but we didn’t think that numbers one or two could have been any better.


Brown Bluff was our second landing on the Antarctic continent so that in itself was pretty special. While our Neko Harbor landing was on the west side of the peninsula, Brown Bluff


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