Antarctica Adventure - 2002

When the “switch” in their brain tells them they have eaten enough, their stomachs are completely emptied and several physiological changes take place:

• peristalsis ceases • stomach acids are notsecreted, • and their stomach becomes a “refrigerator” that is actually at least 10 degrees lower than their body temperature to store the undigested food for the chick feeding. So when the parent regurgitates the food he/she obtained for the baby, it is fresh and cool and no digestive process has even been started on it. How about that fresh seafood for the furry little guys! Besides our wonderment watching this unique and charming penguin behavior, we enjoyed the spectacular scene that nature was spreading before us on the palette of the physical scene. The sky overhead became completely blue with only a few puffy. rather tropical looking. white clouds and as evening came on; the light turned silvery and limpid so that everything seemed to be outlined in silver. The bergs floated by in all their magnificence with myriad unreal colors displayed before our eyes. Then after we were aboard ship again and had had dinner at 9:00 PM, the sunset display commenced. The clear sky became more beautiful with every passing second with pinks and magentas, oranges and reds, and then the most amazing thing of all happened. All the clouds suddenly were outlined with a fiery gold band just like our more usual clouds with silver linings, except these were gold. It was really breathtaking and you could the oohs and aahs breathed out all along the deck rails where we specially blessed tourists were staring in wonderment at this heavenly show. After all this glory and the emotions it produced, we went back inside to a sad note one of our fellow passengers has taken seriously ill. It sounded as though he was having TIAs "mini- strokes". It was determined that he had to be evacuated out of this remote area to where he can get proper medical care. The ship’s doctor was trying to keep him stable and was in constant contact with his neurologist in New York who felt he needed to be returned to the states. Therefore, we needed to change our route and head for the closer of the two places in the Antarctic where there is an airstrip, King George Island. (The other airstrip is at the South Pole at the Scott-Amundsen US Station, but it’s more than 1800 miles away from us.)


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