Antarctica Adventure - 2002

F REI -M ARSH B ASE All that being said, the Frei-Marsh Base (named for and ex-President) Chilean base is fairly “plush” as these stations usually go. Since they are claiming it as the Antarctic province of Chile, they station married military men with their families there in La Villa Estrella. So there is a primary school and a high school, a hospital, general store, post office, housing for both single and married men, gymnasium and movie theaters, bowling alley, an ingenious system for piping water to each building that does not freeze up in winter, and adequate heating supplies for the whole base, not to forget the aforementioned airstrip which they maintain. We all enjoyed exploring Frei-Marsh, visiting and the amenities.

The Catholic Church is made of four ship cargo containers. It is a robin’s egg blue and finished very attractively inside with an altar, a painting behind it, painted stations of the cross, pews, and kneelers. The walls are a light paneled wood. The elementary school rooms are large enough for the six children who attend and the walls contain pictures of the two Nobel Prize winners Chile has produced: Gabriela Mistral for poetry in 1945 and Pablo Neruda for poetry in 1972. There are computers with Internet connection which can be used by anyone living on the station after school hours. The junior and senior high classes are housed in the gymnasium building and they are 18 students strong. The little hospital


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