Antarctica Adventure - 2002

General Hospital

R USSIAN B ELLINGSHAUSEN B ASE Right next to this base sits the Russian Bellingshausen Base which is a lesson in modern Russian economics. The base is only manned by nine or ten men and very little science is being carried on because the government cannot afford to fund it and what monies they want to commit to Antarctic research goes to their much bigger station on the continent, Vostok. However, they have no intentionwhatever of abandoning this base. The Chileans are supportive of the men who are stationed on the Russian base to the extent that they permit them to shop in their store, utilize their post office, etc. We had been told by the Hanseatic crew that the plane from Punta Arenas was due in around 12:15 PM to pick up our sick passenger. We all watched apprehensively from shore as the weather turned around. When we had come ashore at 8:30 AM, there was some sunshine mixed with light clouds.


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