Antarctica Adventure - 2002

P ENGUIN I SLAND We got to Penguin Island around 6 PM. Zodiac B group was going ashore first so we had time to look at the scenery from the boat. We noted that the sea was a pale green here and wondered if it could be because it was shallower. However, on closer checking, we figured that melt waters from the island's glaciers was probably the more likelycause. We had a limited time on shore because now the plane from Punta Arenas was due to arrive around 9 PM and we would have to be back in time to meet it. We were beginning to see little signs of “mutiny” among some of our fellow passengers, little clutches of folks whispering together in the gangways, snatches of conversations including remarks like “we paid for this trip” and “why did he come to such a remote location if he was having medical problems?” and “maybe we should talk to Geoff (the expedition coordinator).” We are hoping the plane can land tonight to avert a full-scale rebellion. Getting into the Zodiac was a little more hazardous on this evening due to heavy swells which made the little boat rise and fall precipitously against the ship. A couple of the ladies sort of fell into the Zodiac and had to be helped up onto the tube side, but neither washurt. Doing our usual “wet” landing at the island was easy even with the rollers but re-boarding the Hanseatic after the shore excursion was rather dicey


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