Antarctica Adventure - 2002

again. Thank goodness we have the strong seamen there at the side-gate to help us on and off the ship safely. Penguin Island is a bit of a charnel house with many dead things and remains littered about the beach, including penguins, seals, petrels and even old whale bones. There were also many live critters, like fur seals, Weddell seals, and even some elephant seals. The penguins here were the chinstraps with chicks. They were very busy on their little pink feet. Seals were playing in the surf but they were obviously not leopard seals because the chinstraps had no fear of falling in the water with them. Some of our group elected to climb a 540’ cinder cone behind the rock-strewn beach; we and others walked and snapped our pictures. The view from the top was probably good, but we wanted to be among the penguins. Besides, we’ve already had the experience of climbing a cinder cone in the past and it was not all that much fun because of the 2 steps and l back way you slip and slide in thecinders.


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