Antarctica Adventure - 2002

detail about the traveling exhibition mounted the American Museum of Natural History on the entire Shackleton voyage. Caroline Alexander, the exhibition curator, wrote her book “The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition” in conjunction with this museum effort. There was a special ice cream social after the lectures; we enjoyed the treat very much and decided it had possibly been offered to calm the mutineers who felt they had been robbed of time by the ailing passenger’s woes. They announced an early “recap and briefing” and an early supper so we could all get a good look at Elephant Island. So after that wonderful ice cream, we were expected at supper at6:30 PM. ELEPHANT ISLAND Our first view of the Island, like that of the forlorn, wet, cold and nearly crazed Shackleton men’s, was of Cape Valentine, on the bleak and lonely north end of the little land mass. The desperate men first landed there but realized very quickly that it would never do for a campsite. The beach was too narrow and would be flooded by any heavy seas and it was actually too small for 22 men to live.


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