Antarctica Adventure - 2002

They turned their boats upside down to provide shelter but the downside was that their eyes were always burning and their throats raw with the smoke they produced with seal and penguin blubber fires to cook and keep warm. We were all in awe of the survival instinct these men drew upon in this dreary and despairing spot. The glacier beside their spit of land would often calve, sending great tidal waves over their low-lying campsite. When they weren’t being buffeted by the waves, the katabatic winds off the glacier would assault their flimsy shelter, tearing the canvas tenting to shreds, lifting any loose belongings and flinging them out to sea where they were lost. The penguins did provide a handy larder for the starving men with their diet being occasionally supplemented with an unlucky seal who beached itself on their sad spit of land.


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