Antarctica Adventure - 2002

This night had convinced Kay and I even more that we are NOT sailors and do not want to be! During the night, neither of us had been ill. Maybe seasickness and fear were inside and only one can win the battle? Now, however, Kay was feeling a bit queasy and elected to avoid any place where lots of food would be presented. Therefore, she ate very little today. She listened to the lectures in the room and had them bring her a baked potato for supper. Towards bedtime, it started pitching a bit again and we are both prayerful that it won’t kick up into the violence of last night. We are supposed to be first at any early morning landing at South Georgia tomorrow and we have decided that we will be ready to fight for our position in the Zodiac line-up. And we will be ready to kiss the solid ground we land on, even if it’s covered with penguin poop! That’s how much we want off this ship that is never still


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