Antarctica Adventure - 2002

The Carrs have published a wonderful book called “Antarctic Oasis” and once you have visited this sublime place you acknowledge the accuracy of the title. Of course, we bought a copy at the museum gift shop as well as a couple of other items, all in support of the operations on the island. Since South Georgia is a British Dependency along with the Falklands, there is a subsidy from the British Government as well. However, much more needs to be done here chiefly in the area of rat eradication. The rats are threatening the nesting birds more than any other factor but it will cost millions to create a rat-free environment. Some of the smaller out-islands, like Sea Lion, Prion, and others have been cleared of the rodents which were brought here by the whaling ships and other vessels; they are not native to South Georgia but unfortunately, they do thrive there. We explored the area in the misty rain and admired its amazing beauty even without sunlight. The grasses are thick and luxuriant, the mosses are varied in kinds and richly thatch the rocky ground, and the non-native plants show flowers and colors not natural to the place.


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