Antarctica Adventure - 2002

and when we said that we weren’t, he assured us that we would have no trouble at all with the hike; so, of course, we immediately decided to go, succumbing so easily to his flattery. Following that satisfying stroll on terra firma, we had fallen in love with South Georgia!

D RYGALSKI F JORD Next, the Hanseatic took us on a cruise of Drygalski Fjord for close ups of more glorious scenery with cliffs plunging straight into the sea and glaciers spilling into the bay creating lovely colors of aqua, teal, turquoise and aquamarine as their fresh water filled with glacial “milk” floated on top of the heavier salt water of the sea. The two glaciers at the head of the fjord were particularly impressive, huge and intensely riddled with electric blue caves and crevasses.


After lunch, our next landing was Gold Harbor and this was my favorite place up to that point. It had a huge beach, wide along the water and deep back into the mountains. The beach had sand and flat rocks that were quite easy on the hiking feet.

The soaring Georgia Alps surrounded the beach dramatically. And the critter encounters were really special here.

The young fur seals were so curious and charged at everything that moved—“red penguin people,” the Gentoo and King penguins, the skuas, just about everything. They were easy to divert from their violent purpose—the penguins just pecked at them and we just waved our arms and shouted—and they immediately backed off (though we did have to guard against sneak attacks frombehind).


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