Antarctica Adventure - 2002

bright orange neck spots. They seem to be playing “follow the leader” because they imitate each other so perfectly.

When two birds decide that this courtship is maturing, they begin to drive the others who may still be in the grouping away, mostly by raucous cries and flailing at the interlopers with their wing/flippers. They strike each other so smartly that the victims do back away and try to form another group elsewhere.

Then the two left to get down to more serious business this time tracking each other’s moves even more strictly. The neck nuzzling gets more forceful and then the sexual difference becomes obvious as the male tries to push the female to the group by the neck nuzzling. It was fascinating to see the males and females taking care of the egg once it was laid too. Like emperor penguins, the egg is incubated on the feet of the bird with the egg covered by a “curtain” of the flesh and feathers which hold against the body of the incubating bird. In Kings, though, both males and females take turns at this job whereas only the male


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