Antarctica Adventure - 2002

We were also taken to La Boca, a district near the port where the tango was born and where working class folks have always lived. Much of this city is really quite lovely; there are many public parks with stately shade trees. We were driven down the Ninth of July Avenue, a wide street marking Argentinean independence. The buildings were tall and prosperous looking demonstrating the influence of Spanish, English and French architectural styles. We got to revisit the pedestrian mall with the fashionable shop, La Avenida Florida. It still looks like there are good stores with pricey things displayed in the windows, but one can only wonder who has the money or the nerve to be spending “big bucks” in this economy. The tour lasted three hours and did give us a chance to compare the Buenos Aires we remember from l989 with the present city. It was a beautiful day of a bright blue sky and puffy white clouds with a fresh breeze keeping us all alert. Other than the demonstration and the presence of so many policemen and military, we saw few changes in the city except that it looked somewhat tattered with more trash in the street, and buildings less crisp and bright.


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