Antarctica Adventure - 2002

T HE S HACKLETON W ALK And what a tremendous hike it was! We were so glad that he sat with us for that brief moment but long enough to get us on track. We were in pouring down rain most of the time, though occasionally the weather gods would add some snow, sleet, hail, and even fog. We discovered then that the ship’s parkas are not waterproof, not even really water- resistant. But we were warm enough in them, what with all the exercise. The hike up was quite challenging though not arduous. The uphill was pretty steady but the difficulty was in the footing rather than the climb. We were walking on shale rocks which were unstable and pretty tricky. The scenery was magnificent all around. It was quite lifeless up at the top and with the fog-bank rolling in it even looked a bit menacing. But we were reliving that fateful Shackleton walk and trying to imagine how those exhausted men must have felt knowing by this time that the goal was almost within sight.

When we rounded Crean’s Lake where TomCrean had fallen through the ice and had to be rescued. He then had the rest of the walk to do in freezing cold wet clothing.


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