Antarctica Adventure - 2002

At the top of the saddle, we looked down on the glacial stream and out into the bay. What exhilaration he must had felt at seeing human habitation. The climb down from the heights was difficult enough for us, but what they did sounds almost impossible. We had to negotiate a very steep snow field in our mud-boots and then plunge down the rest of the way on very unstable, slippery, flat, wet shale stones, all the while having the rain and fog in our faces and eyes. They, on the other hand, had to rappel down a frozen waterfall with only one rope between them. And they had to do this when they were completely exhausted and starving! So, there was no comparison in our efforts and theirs but it was very satisfying to walk the very stones they walked and enjoy the view they were appreciating, knowing that for them, it meant ultimate survival.


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