Antarctica Adventure - 2002

Our greatest trial during the hike came when we were on the flat ground walking along the braided stream just meandering and discussing how much more impressed we are with Shackleton survival story now that we have actually seen the places in which the drama had taken place. As we were strolling along the streamside on moss and tussock ground, I suddenly stepped in a hole hidden by a thick lid of green foliage and fell in up to my chest. Kay exclaimed, “What the heck . . .? and fell in herself right besideme, but only up to her waist. As we tried to pull our legs back out, we could feel the boots being sucked off our feet as well as the other foot and leg going in deeper! We quickly realized that this was not really funny since it was not absolutely clear how we were going to extricate ourselves. It was not easy to find solid ground to push against with our arms in order to haul ourselves out. And we had to keep our feet flexed so the boots would not come off. Of course, that position only made pulling our legs out that much harder.


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