Antarctica Adventure - 2002

We were out in a few moments and gratefully standing on solid ground and realizing that the predicament could have been much worse had we sunk in any deeper or not been able to keep the boots on. When we looked back at the area in which we had stepped, it was not apparent at all there was a large treacherous “hole” beneath the grassy ground. Recognizing our good (and bad) luck, we walked the rest of the way back on the gravelly stones of the streambed, refusing the trust the softer, easier way alongside on the grasses. Since our fellow hikers were no longer in a group, there was no one to warn those coming up behind us; besides, we could no longer tell exactly where we had fallenin. During that surprising misadventure, the camera I borrowed from Betsy for the trip was immersed in the fresh water since it was hanging around my neck and reached to mid-belly. Needless to say, that camera died on the hike into Stromness. The bay loomed ahead and we kept walking.


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