Antarctica Adventure - 2002

S ALISBURY P LAIN Day 16 The day was already bright with sunshine when we awoke about 7 AM. We got to the lovely Salisbury Plain early in the morning with blue skies overhead. This is the biggest beach we have seen so far the longest, widest and deepest. And it seemed that every part of it was covered with king penguins. This is their largest rookery on South Georgia. The bluffs behind the beach are brown-green covered with the by now familiar mosses and grasses. The Alps stood out behind them with their white faces glistening in thesun. Everywhere we looked were these wonderful birds! Again, as at Gold Harbor, we saw every stage in their life cycle from courting to fledging chicks and on to molting. However, familiarity does not breed boredom here. There is too much noise, too much activity, too many picture ops, and too much plain fun. The most delightful fun we had here was watching one especially engaging chick following along behind an adult who never did feed him or even acknowledge his existence. But that wooly-booly never gave up and just kept plodding along matching the adult’s every step and movement. We were so tickled that we convulsed with laughter.


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