Antarctica Adventure - 2002

Later in the day, we even took the galley tour which I don’t think she could have managed before. The biggest challenge the chef faces is keeping fresh foods fresh for 18 days! But he said the second biggest problem is getting the fresh foods in the first place and in sufficient quantities. He plans all the menus and must have contingency menus available when fresh food runs out or is about to spoil because it has not been eaten rapidly enough. He has a very modern and compact kitchen, with an ASAP dishwasher which actually washes, sterilizes, rinses and dries the dishes in one minute flat. Wouldn’t we love to have that appliance at home? The kitchen also contains two waste processors, one for food and the other for solid trash, since nothing can be disposed of in Antarctic waters. The processors make the waste into little bricks which can be disposed of at ports of call where arrangements have been made to accept the material. We bought some raffle tickets, the proceeds of which go half to the crew for special outings and a half to the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. Needless to say, we could have just handed our money over directly since we won nothing! The winner got the map which had been posted at Reception every day giving the detailed course of our cruise. The winner of the raffle was announced at the Captain’s Farewell Champagne Party and the winner decided to auction the map off so that more money could be put into the crew’s fund and given to the UK Antarctic Trust—a lady divorce lawyer made the highest bid of $1000.00 and got to take the map home with her. We had a delicious dinner with a group of folks and enjoyed the company and the conversation. Then the Crew Chanty Choir performed for our entertainment and it was really good fun. Dave sang several sea chanties in a very good baritone and Larry the Filipino crooner was quite good as well. Geoff sang a couple of ditties, accompanying himself on the guitar; he sang Gordon Lightfoot and the “Ballad of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. The Chief Navigation Officer was the emcee and he was genuinely quite funny. The chef sang some German drinking songs and even the Captain joined the chorus of crew, seamen, expedition staff in the choruses.

We laughed a lot and enjoyed the evening greatly!


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