Antarctica Adventure - 2002


S EA L ION I SLAND Day 19 The Falkland Islands Our initial landing in the Falklands was on Sea Lion Island, a little piece of real estate off the coast of the bigger islands where we were to see you guessed it the sea lions. We had a chance to see orcas here as well.

It was a great landing under partly sunny skies and we were rewarded with a wonderful hike with lots of critters sightings. It was a good long walk, actually quite enjoyable after two days at sea; we were so happy to have our feet on solid groundagain! There were many interesting birds to watch, including the Upland Geese, the Falkland caracara, and the Falkland thrush, ruddy-headed and kelp geese, Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, rock cormorants, steamer ducks, tussock birds, Falkland plovers, kelp gulls, and even a peregrine falcon. The elephant seals and the sea lions were below the high bluffs we walked along sunning themselves on the rocky beaches.


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