Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Joanne & Jerry Waters Take Their Leave by Jeff Meiners

Jerry and Joanne have been at Crest almost as long as we have been in the Contract Packaging business. On October 26th they retired together ending the run of the lon- gest working couple at Crest with 85 years of service between them! It might just be one of those records that are never broken. Jerry started in 1972 with JoAnne follow- ing in 1979. Jerry started in Production at a time when the Line Operator was also the Mechanic, Quality Control Tech and Sanitation person as well. He found his home at Crest as a founding member of the Maintenance Department. Joanne was one of our more skilled Line Operators, but found her home and passion in Quality Control. Just imagine the changes they have seen since they have been at Crest…the supervisors, the programs, the policies and the technology changes. I’m pretty sure we didn’t even

think about the impact of allergens, gluten free, GMO free or organic in the 70’s. There is no doubt that the num- ber of different SKU’s that they have been involved with would number in the tens of thousands. They have been part of dozens of construction projects and participated in the recovery process from the great warehouse flood and the tornado that hit the West Facility. Crest has been so blessed with so many employees that have stayed with us for their entire work careers. Jerry and Joanne are perfect examples of people who have simply made Crest their home. Homes are associated with families and we are proud to know that they have been and always will be an intricate part of the Crest Foods family. It seems that the stories of events and situations over their time at Crest are almost endless, but what matters most to both are the friendships and relationships that they have built along the way. We wish Jerry and Joanne the best in their retirement…the place won’t be quite the same without them, but we’ll keep the doors open just so they can come back and visit often.

Congratulations to the following employees for obtaining new jobs at Crest Foods over the last few months!

Martha Holder Scheduling Clerk

Kaitlyn Hanabarger QA Line Technician B-Shift

Manufacturing Day Award This fall, Grainger presented Crest Foods with an Award for Excellence for Manufacturing Day of 2018: “We would like to recognize the incredible strides that Crest Foods has made for the Manufacturing Industry and the intentional focus that they have on their employees and the com- munity. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into manufacturing and Crest Foods is a great example as to how to work hard to grow the business and rein- vest back into its family of employees. Grainger is honored to have partnered with

Crest Foods for many years. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the manufacturing industry!” To celebrate, Grainger brought in 67 dozen donuts for all employees to enjoy. We appreciate the recognition and the donuts, Grainger!

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