Crest Ink - Volume 31 - Number 01

Jingle Bell Rock Video In an effort to do something different, use a little innovation and have some fun, our Marketing Department de- cided to make an electronic Christmas card for our customers, suppliers and prospects this year. They knew it would be a lot of work and a lot of listenening to Jingle Bell Rock over and over, but they didn’t know just how much fun they would have getting Crest employees to participate. This December, Kristina McWethy sent out the video to 771 contacts and posted it to the Crest Foods website with a lot of positive response! If you haven’t seen it, go to Thanks to those 18 groups of employees who were willing to be (or embarass themselves) in the video!

Trish Carter, Sherry Joos, Rod Paul, Erik Morales, Stina Kanaras, Kathy Dwyer, Stephen Osborne, Matt Downing, Dawn Summers, Candy Koch, Lori Talley, David Henrikson, Kelly Stevens, Deb Worley, Katrina Berogan & Jessica Fair of QA.

Shirley Reif, Carol Milens, Val Smith, Emily Smith, Carynn Puentes, Darcy Zera, Kim McClanahan & Rachael Muszynski of Accounting

Mike Boatwright, Marcia Breeden, Matt Richardson, Troy Campbell & Scott Storey of Purchasing & the Parts Room

Alex Herrera, Gary Evans, Jason Rowl, Ben Yates, Matt Harazin, Mike Spencer & Todd Lorenc of Mix

John Mont & Ann Wege of Sales

Ed Baylor, Stephanie Quinton & Kevin O’Dell of Ing. Div. Operations

Justin Mackey, Kyle O’Dell, Melissa Urena & Marshall Pankhurst of Ing. Div. Production

16 Crest Ink January, February & March 2019 Keith Sodaro, Josh Peterson & Marisol Lara of Production

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