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GETTING TO KNOW Kristina McWethy Marketing Coordinator

Dealing with Grief During the Holidays by Ashley Koza, LCSW, EAP Counselor, Sinnissippi Centers Ashley is the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Counselor at Crest Foods. This free & confidential service is offered to employees on Tuesdays from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Please give Ashley a call (815-732-3157) to set up an appointment, or stop by during her office hours at the Ashton Clinic on Rte 38. What is grief ? According to the Mayo Clinic, grief is a normal reaction to loss. Grief can be experienced after a loss of a loved one, an ending to a relationship or something that someone had formed a relationship to. Kubler- Ross identified five stages in the grieving process; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. As the holidays approach, often loved ones who have passed are remembered. Many people want to avoid the grief has holidays approach, however this does not remove the pain. According to, “leaning into the grief ” helps get through those times. Below are some ways you can “lean towards the grief ”: • Light a candle for your loved one • Share a favorite story about your loved one • Have everyone tell a funny story about your loved one Another way to help cope is to have plan A and plan B in place. Plan A would be to celebrate the holiday like you normally would and plan B may be to watch a favorite movie you and your loved one enjoyed or go to a special spot. Often knowing there is a plan B can help aid in the grieving process. If you are struggling with grief, please contact your local hospice to learn about support groups. Kristina McWethy has been with Crest Foods for about 2 ½ years now. She is our Marketing Coordinator but really her job entails much more than that. Most of her work the majority of people here at Crest would never see. She designs and distributes various types of printed and digital material to customers and prospects in the Ingredient Division. She also helps us with any internal marketing that we may need at Crest Foods. Posters, handouts, vid- eos…basically anything creative that you see hanging on the walls or handed out has been designed and edited by Kristina. (She is probably most known around Crest Foods for putting together the Jingle Bell Rock video.) Kristina is a Dixon, IL native and currently makes her home there with her husband and their son. Recently she became a board member for Lee County United Way where she hopes to use advertising skills to raise funds to help people in our area. Kristina enjoys reading, working out and family activities (especially anything outdoors). One thing you likely did not know about her is that she has been skydiving 3 times and hopes to keep this up as a yearly event.

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