These Were Builders

Gertrude M. Bacon 1866-1937

"Gertrude M. Bacon, who contributed more than fifty years of service to our college . . . The loyalty that she displayed cannot be duplicated by her successors — it can only be aspired to. In her passing we have lost a great teacher, one whose life was in her work, and who felt and radiated an unsurpassed devotion to Buffalo State Normal School and to Buffalo State Teachers College."

Such was the tribute paid to Miss Bacon by the editors of El ms , 1937. Miss Bacon was born October 8, 1866 in Elma, New York. Her parents were Hiram Bacon and Mary A. Hurd Bacon. Later, the family moved to North Tonawanda, and Miss Bacon graduated from the Buffalo Normal School in 1886, and after one semester in the North Tonawanda schools, she joined the faculty of her Alma Mater, January, 1887. She served first as critic teacher, was promoted to principal of the School of Practice, then head of the critic and methods teachers. Subse ­ quently, she was appointed superintendent of practice teaching and finally professor of elementary education. Miss Bacon held that "teaching is a great profession, one of the finest in the world." Among her affiliations were those in the New York State Teachers Association, American Association of University Women, Foreign Policy Association, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma Society, and the Twentieth Century Club. She received degrees of bachelor of science and master of arts from the University of Buffalo and had also studied at Columbia University and the University of Chicago. When she retired in 1936 she held the position of

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