These Were Builders

Associate Director of Training. Kiss Bacon died September 27, 1937. Paying a sincere tribute to her Dr. Rockwell said:

"No individual on this staff ever rendered so long and continuous a service to the Buffalo State Normal School and Buffalo State Teachers College as has Kiss Bacon. As student and teacher she was associated with her Alma Kater for years. She graduated in 1886 from the Buffalo State Normal School and became a seventh and eighth grade critic in 1887. Hers is an outstanding example of devoted service to a great cause. Generations of Normal School and College students will always think of

her as one who maintained with vigor and dignity the highest professional ideals. She kept abreast of the best in education and thousands of teachers can testify to the value of her instruction and example. Her loyalty to her Alma Kater; her devotion to her friends; her gracious hospitality, will endure in the memory of all who were associated with her." In 1921, the students dedicated the yearbook Elms to her in appreciation for her teaching, guidance, and friendship. Hiss Bacon had started her teaching career in the original Normal School, had moved with other faculty members to the newer building now known as Cleveland High School in 1913, and experienced the joy of moving to the new campus in '1931. Little did she know that the new building in which she worked would one day bear her name as a lasting testimony to her life of service to future teachers.

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