These Were Builders

Irving Prescott Bishop 18U9-1913

During his twenty-fifth year of teaching at Buffalo State Normal School, a popular science teacher Irving Prescott Bishop died in Burlington Flats on April 1913. Mr. Bishop was born in Burlington Flats Nov. 18, I8h9. He received his education from an academy in New Berlin, New York and later graduated from Cornell University. After a course at Alfred University, he earned a degree of master of science. In 18?3, Mr. Bishop married Julia W. Allen. The couple had two children, Elizabeth L. and Roy Allen. That same year, he was appointed principal of the New Berlin Academy and served two years. In 1878, he went to the Union School in Perry, New York and served as principal until 168>. For the next three years, he was principal of the Free Academy in Chatham, New York and was also a teacher of science in the Round Lake Summer Schools during 1886 and 1887. He was appointed teacher of sciences in the Buffalo State Normal School in 1888, and served in that capacity until December, 1912. At that time, he became ill and retired from active teaching. Mr. Bishop had had charge of the science work in the "State Summer Institute" since 1896. He was president of the New York State Institute" since 1896. He was president of the New York State Science Teachers Association in 1903. During his career, he published several books, the most widely known being, "Salt Fields of Western New York," "Geology of Erie County, New York," "Petroleum and Natural Gas in Western New York," "Red Book of Niagara," "Methods and Outlines for Teaching Physiology,"

and "Economic Geology of Western New York."

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