These Were Builders

Edward K. Butler Library

In May 1950, ground was broken for a library building at the State Teachers College. At that time, the library was housed on the second floor of the Administration Building but had long outgrown the space for it. In a dual ceremony on October 27, 1950, Governor Thomas E. Dewey paid tribute to Mr. Edward H. Butler, editor and publisher of the Buffalo Evening News and president of the Local Council, when he and Mr. Butler officiated at the laying of the cornerstone for the new library. Governor Dewey asked, "Why docs Ed Butler come here and hold meetings, why does he work and fight and do everything in his power to advance this college?" The governor then reviewed the fine work Mr. Butler and his father had done for the growth and development of the college. Mr. Butler laid the huge granite cornerstone in the presence of more than two thousand spectators who represented the student body, the college administration, the city, county and state, and various specialized fieldsof endeavor. He used the silver trowel with which he or his father laid the cornerstones of four other buildings of the college. Amid humorous exchanges as to the relative proficiency of Mr. Butler and the governor as stonemasons, Mr. Butler lifted the first mortar to the 1500-pound block. Then he handed the trowel to Governor Dewey, who added the cement. At the request of Dr. Rockwell, college president, the governor offered the trowel to Mrs.Butler. She in turn passed it to Mrs. Bruce R. Wallis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Butler.

Addressing the assembly, Mr. Butler remarked," It is a happy moment for

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