These Were Builders


helped the staff to see the funny side of what could have been traumatic experiences. The temporary wall in the staff room recorded some funny captions, such as, "Keep off the grounds", posted behind the coffee pot. One day a maintenance worker was asked to move a library range from one room to another one. He appeared in the designated room, looked around, left, and went to the staff room two doors down, where there was a stove "But this isn't the room the range is supposed to be moved from," he commented,. One of the clerks overheard the remark, knew of the proposed move, and hurredlj told him that a range was not a stove but library shelving. It was with a sigh of relief and exhaustion that the final move was made in August 1969. In an imoressive ceremony including speeches, nresentation of keys, a tree planting, and a recention, the new library was officially dedicated on April lb, 1970. The large building retains the name of its predecessor, Edward H. Butler Library. At the dedication Mrs. Bruce R. Wallis, granddaughter of Mr. Butler and president of the Local Council, presented keys of the new building to Dr. L. E. Palmieri, director of tne library. Dr. Palmieri then passed the keys on to the students, represented by .. ’ illj am Bird, president of the College Student Association and Miss Patrie? Leonard, president of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. On behalf of the students, Miss Leonard thanked the Butlers for three generations of service to the school and the library, and also the the school's facilities and administrator. Congratulatory telegrams from Governor Rockefeller and Senator Charles Goodell were also read.

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