These Were Builders

Dr. Stephen K. Bailey, a member of the Boars of Regents and its committee on library services, received the President's Distinguished Service Award from Dr. E. K. Fretwell, college president. "Our admiration for you is rooted in the academic trinity- teacher, scholar, and administrator," said Dr. Fretwell in presenting the award. Dr. Bailey, the principal speaker at the afternoon ceremony held in the library foyer, said," Libraries are not mausoleums. They are living expressions of human knowledge and wisdom from all times and . They not only symbolize, they are the intellectual base of all civilized existence They are, of course, the beating heart of all intellectual and educational institutions. " In a concluding ceremony, Mrs. Edward H. Butler, president of the Buffalo Evening News and wife of the News founder's son; Mrs. Wallis, her daughter, and Miss Kate Butler Righter, her granddaughter planted a linden tree east of the library in memory of the first Mr. Butler. The library was the first building on campus to be named in memory of a nerson

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