These Were Builders

Louise M. Cassety 1873-1931

Daughter of Dr. Janes M. Cassety, scholar, teacher, and principal of the Buffalo Normal School 1886-1909, Louise M Cassety followed in her father's footsteps as a dedicated teacher who loved children and inspired her pupils with enthusiasm and pride in the teaching profession. Kiss Cassety was horn in Fredonia, New York, January 3, 1873, daughter of James M. Cassety and Catherine M. Packard. After graduation from Normal School, she joined its faculty as an assistant in the Kindergarten Department in 1898 and wiuuin a short time became principal of that department. She graduated from Teachers College in 1905. From 1922-1927, she directed the Kindergarten-Primary Training Department. During her tenure at the Normal School, Louise Margaret Cassety saw many changes and rapid progress in the curriculum, especially in the field of elementary education. Cn October 9, 1913, she witnessed E.H. Butler laying the cornerstone for the new building to house the Normal School and *heard read the letter written by her father who had retired as principal in 1909 and could not be present on that important occasion. She worked under Dr. Upton and Dr. Rockwell, two men of great stature in the development of the school 0 She worked with others to advance the education program and saw it develop from a two-year to a three-year curriculum. Later, she rejoiced with other faculty members when in May, 1929, regents approved establishment of a four year General Elementary curriculum and in June, 1926, when regents authorized a degree of Bachelor of Science Elementary curriculum.

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