These Were Builders

At this time, Miss Cassety retired because of ill health from teaching. She followed with interest the progress of the school which shortly officially became New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo. The editors of Elms , student yearbook, dedicatee the 1928 volume in her honor. Louise M. Cassety died February l£, 1931, the year the college moved to the new location on Elmwood Avenue. Besides her intense interest in educational activities, Miss Cassety had many other interests. During the early years of the Studio School of the Theatre, she helped further community support of Miss Jane Keeler's .work. She had a hobby of dressing dolls and making small attractive gifts for young children. During World War I, she was faithful in sewing clothes for Belgian children, and during her last years, she made many layettes for babies of needy mothers in Buffalo. Often, her generosity caused her friends to remind her that she carried her labor cf love far beyond the limits of her physical capacity and endurance. She possessed a keen sense of humor, boundless energy, well- balanced judgment and genuine devotion to her profession and her fellowmen

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