These Were Builders

audience and. guests. Speaking at the ceremony was Lewis A. Wilson, representing Education Commissioner Francis Spaulding; Hermann Cooper, assistant commissioner for teacher education; Robert McCarthy, chairman of the Dormitory Authority; Clifton Flather, administrative director of the Dormitory Authority, and James Kideney, architect who designed the building. Earbara Nicholson, president of Pioneer Hall and Edward Butler, president of the Local Board presented the shovel to President Rockwell for the groundbreaking ceremony. Amid colorful ceremony, the cornerstone was placed into position on May 5, 19^9 t»y Edward H. Butler, editor and publisher of the Buffalo Evening News and president of the College Board of Managers. Dr. Rockwell commented, "Including his father's service, father and son have served this college board for 5^ years. “ That, I believe is a record for that kind of service." "This is more than a laying of a cornerstone," said Dr. Rockwell "It is a day of rejoicing, of fulfillment of a hope and of a dream long cherished by many. It represents the complete rounding out of a fundamental, material, college program supplementing campus, class ­ rooms , equipment ." On October 27, 1950, President Rockwell formally accepted the keys of the dormitory from J. Frederick Rogers, member of the State Dormitory Authority, at the dedication ceremony. Governor Thomas E. Dewey cut the ribbon.

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