These Were Builders

Susan Frances Chase 18^9-1927

Sorn in Shanghai, China, October 9, 1859 (her father was a marine merchant), Susan Frances Chase later made her home in Orchard Park, New York. She lived in Buffalo intermittently from 1670 to her retirement from teaching. After graduation from Oneida High School, she received a general education diploma in 1880 from the Training School of Methods, Quincy, Massachusetts. She taught high school courses for about fifteen years then returned to college for further degrees. In 1895, she earned her bachelors degree from Wisconsin University, and in the foilwing year she received a masters degree from Milton College. In 1898, the University of Buffalo awarded Dr. Chase the degree of doctor of pedagogy. Dr. Chase joined the staff of Buffalo Normal School in 1899 and remained on the faculty until june, 1926. Just before her retirement, Dr. Chase was struck by an automobile at Delaware Avenue and Allen Street. She never fully recovered, and it is believed that it hastened her death, September 7, 1927. As the school paper recorded, "She never enjoyed the vacation she so well deserved." Besides her teaching assignments at the Normal School, Dr. Chase was involved with the University of West Virginia Training Class for two summers and was instructor at the University of Buffalo for three years, lectured on educational topics in several states, contributed to educational publications, and was very active in many civic organizations.

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