These Were Builders


Dr. Chase was a true friend and counselor to her students, and many sought and received good advice from her. She was involved with young people in many extra-curricular activities and in community affairs. She was a long time member of the Y.W.C.A. and worked untiringly to help the young women who came under her direction. While Dr. Chase was at Normal School, she worked under Dr. James M. Cassety and Dr. Daniel Upton as well as Dr. Harry W. Rockwell. She must have been present at the happy occasion on October 9> 1913 when the cornerstone for the new school was laid by Edward H. Butler. According to the records, she lived close to the school at kOk Jersey Street. During her tenure, she rejoiced that the curriculum advanced from two to three years in 1922. In 1925> Regents of the State Univ ­ ersity approved establishment of four year General Elementary curriculum. At the time of her retirement, Regents authorized degree of bachelor of science - elementary curriculum. Susan Chase enjoyed her teaching years in the new school but she watched and observed with the administration and other faculty members, how the building was getting less and less adequate as the enrollment and curriculum increased. She retired and left the area before the new campus on Elmwood was established. In 1926, the Elms , yearbook of the State College, dedicated the volume to two teachers who retired.

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