These Were Builders

Chase Hall

This dormitory, originally called South Hall, was erected the same time as Cassety Hall. The cornerstone for the two buildings was placed in Cassety Hall on May 5, 19^9• On that occasion, Dr. Rockwell commented, "As a center of college campus life, these two dormitories and the student union will encour ­ age the accumulation of those happy traditions, those niceties of student life, those intangible values of happy social relationships which make the difference between a day school and a real college. " "Just as sound family life transforms a house into a home," he continued, "dormitories and the union complete that academic signi ­ ficance which the term 'alma mater' connotes as we have come to trans ­ late it in the higher educational program of our country. " President Rockwell accepted the keys to the dormitory at the dedication ceremony on October 27, 1950- In the summer of 19^2, the Regents of the S^ate University system authorized the building to be called Chase Hall. During the Special Dedication Week, April 1963, the dormitory was formally dedicated to the memory of a former devoted teacher of psychology and literature, Susan Frances Chase. The hall is now used for administrative offices.

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