These Were Builders

Grover Cleveland 1837-1908

During the first years of the Normal School, the future twenty- second and twenty-fourth President of the United States resided in Buffalo. C-rover Cleveland lived here twenty six years and took an active role in political and educational affairs. He contributed much to maintaining law and order within the county.. In fact, it was the dissatisfaction of the citizens of Buffalo with the scandals among law makers that lifted Cleveland from his quiet law office to the mayor of Buffalo in 1882, of Governor of New York State in 183L, and of President of the United States in l88p. Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey. Later, the family moved to Fayetteville, New York, where Cleveland spent a happy childhood. He first saw Buffalo when he visited his uncle, Louis Allen who lived in Black Rock, two miles from the city of Buffalo, in a large, comfortable home situated on broad acres between Niagara Street and the riven. His father died about 185^, and realizing his mother could not send him to college, Cleveland decided to go to Cleveland (named after a relative, Moses Cleveland) to look for a job. On the way, he stopped in Buffalo and remained when he received a job offer from his uncle. Mr. All .ealthy man and many influential men came to his home. Cleveland was a keen observer and decided that to be a success, he had to become a lawyer. Mr. Allen secured him a position in Buffalo with the Firm Rogers, Bowen, and Rogers. After three years of private suudy and practice in the firm, Cleveland was admitted to the bar by the

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