These Were Builders

Adelbert Moot 185^-1929

On October 9, 1929, the cornerstone of the main building of the five to be erected was set in place. As. Mr. E.H. Sutler and other dignitaries officiated, there were many who remembered one prominent figure and friend of the college who was not present. Regent Adelbert Moot died September 13, 1929* Mr. Moot had been a leader of the state bar, Vice Chancellor of the State Board of Regents, and an active leader in Buffalo civic affairs. A doctor of laws, he had a large general and corporation practice, and was for same years a member of the law faculty at the University of Buffalo. He was a former president of the New York State Bar Association and was notably instrumental in civic welfare work, civil service reform, good government, and legal reforms in the state. Adelbert Moot was born in Allen, New York, Allegany County, November 22, 185^. After attending district schools in Allen, he attended school in Belmont near his home, went to the academy at Nunda, and after preparatory courses in the state normal school at Geneseo, he entered the law school at Albany and graduated from there. Admitted to the bar in 1876, he began a practice of law at Nunda. Later, he moved to Buffalo and lived there until his death. In July, 1882, he married Carrie A. Van Ness of Cuba, New York. They had three sons, Welles V., Richmond D. , and Seward A. Throughout his life, especially in the practice of his pro ­ fession at law, he was always a potent influence for honest politics, sound citizenship, and high standards in the legal profession.

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