These Were Builders

George Bradford Neumann 1882-1936

He was on the college faculty only ten years, hut the influence George Bradford Neumann exerted on the young people who knew him as teacher, counselor, and friend was phenomenal. "Professor of sociology, head of the department" the college catalogue stated, hut to any State student of the decade in which Dr. Neumann taught, he was "what few teachers are - a leader of young men and women - No greater tribute could he paid to anyone." Dr. Neumann was horn in New Britain, Connecticut, March 18, 1882. On his maternal side, he was descended from William Bradford, this country's first historian and the second governor of the Plymouth Colony. Working his way through college, he graduated from Wesleyan in 1905 with a major in economics and sociology. He was extremely in ­ terested in the sociological phases of religion and earned a degree from Hartford Theological Seminary in 1908 with ordination as a Methodist minister. In 1909 he married Louisa S. Stockwell, graduate of Smith College. The couple went to China where Dr. Neumann held a position as professor of sociology and economics at Union University, Chengtu, China. The Neumanns had to flee the area two years later when the revolution broke out. After reaching Shanghai, Dr. Neumann, at his own request, was sent to the famine-stricken area of Kiangsu where Americans and British distributed grain to the victims. In 1912, he was able to return to the Union University hut in

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