These Were Builders

John Joseph Jr. , Elizabeth (Mrs. Leston Faneuf) , Puller, Nancy (Mrs. Lawrence Hurd.) and Susan (Mrs. Robert L. Reed) . Water power generation of electricity and its distribution throughout New York State was one of the first and most important enterprises of Mr. Albright in Buffalo. In 1896, the first tendrils of electricity reached the city. Mr. Albright became more and more involved in this activity and is a giant among the leaders and promoters of electric power. Realizing Buffalo's need of a place to exhibit masterpieces of art, both painting and sculpture, as well as providing a place to show the works of local artists, Mr. Albright presented to the city the beautiful building bearing his name in Delaware Park. It was completed in 1902 at the cost of more than a million dollars. In 1929, he was awarded the Chancellor's Medal from the University of Buffalo. The following is a quote from the presentation of the award: "The Council awards the Chancellor's Medal to John Joseph Albright, dauntless promoter of Buffalo's industrial development, generous contributor to in ­ stitutions of welfare and learning, donor of the Albright Art Gallery, exemplar of Buffalo's highest standards of civic responsibility and of unpretentious social conduct, who has created for his city's fame more than one lasting monument and who not only through these foundations but also through a long life of simple greatness has 'dignified Buffalo in the eyes of the world.'"

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