These Were Builders

December 23, 1936.

At his death, President Rockwell had this to say: IN MEMORIAE "The passing of George S. Neumann is an irreparable loss to the State Teachers College. With profound sorrow we face the loss of a mature scholar, an able teacher, a respected leader, a valued friend, and a useful citizen. His ripe scholarship and instinctive qualities of a great teacher made his classroom the scene of rich intellectual experiences for his students, who were invariably devoted to him. For some years he performed the duties of Dean of Men, without title but with such effectiveness that young men eagerly sought his counsel and rejoiced in his leadership. Later as Chairman of the Assembly Speakers Com ­ mittee he labored unsparingly to maintain standards which promised to enhance the good taste and the finer appreciation of the student body. He was Co-Director of the Summer Session. He met all these responsibilities with quiet modesty. He coveted no honors for himself. His life was the very personifica ­ tion of unselfish service. His many interests, his broad tolerance, his engaging friendli ­ ness, made a powerful appeal to students, faculty colleagues, and citizens whom he contacted, and brought him a legion of admirers and loyal friends.

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