These Were Builders


boulder which will serve as a permanent marker to commemorate the dedication events. The dedicatory group then moved to the site of Upton Hall, the new industrial and fine arts building where there were indoor and outdoor ceremonies for Upton Hall and three other buildings; Science Building, Home Economics Building, and the High Rise Residence Hall. President Bulger officiated at the placement of historical material in four large copper cornerstone boxes. The next building the group toured was the new Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building where a ribbon cutting ceremony took place. Dr. George H. Grover, director of the division of health, physical education, and recreation in New York State spoke briefly during this ceremony. The last official act for the group was the unveiling of two portraits: Dr. George Bradford Neumann and Irving Prescott Bishop. Present to witness this tribute to her husband was Mrs. G.3. Neumann who lived in New Britain Connecticut. Also present were Dr. Neumann's son and his wife. In the Fall of 1972, Neumann Hall closed. Male residents moved into the dormitory complex near the Scajaquada Expressway. During the spring session, the hall housed the human growth and learning center. In July 1973, it was announced that Neumann Hall would be a co-ed hall the next school term.

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