These Were Builders

Albright HaU

Albright Hall itself has quite a history as does the man after whom the building is named. Located at 1231 Elmwood diagonally across from Rockwell Hall, it was erected in 1920 by the city of Buffalo to house the Buffalo Museum of Science which had been in the Buffalo Public Library for many years. After a public referundum, the museum was moved to a new site. On October 17, 1926, the cornerstone was placed in a new building on Humboldt Parkway. After the Museum of Science moved October 1, 1928, Charles Clifton, an executive of Pierce Arrow and president of Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, purchased the building known as Old Elmwood Museum and presented it to the art gallery for use as its art school. Upon his death in late 1928, the building was completely remodeled due to the generosity of his widow. On November 9, 1929, at a meeting of the Board of Trustees, the building was officially named Clifton Hall which then opened for classes. In 19 oh, the art school was offered to the Buffalo Consistory for sale. Later, however, the Consistory dropped the option, and in August, 19£5, the art school merged with the University of Buffalo. The building was then named Albright Hall. This action posed problems for the College of Education, as art classes had been held in conjunction with the art school. The college art classes moved to the President's House, vacated since the resignation of President Rice. Tr. July 19£8, the College of Education purchased the Albright Art building .. ’ rom the University of Buffalo, and art classes resumed there,

September 19f>9.

In 1963, when Upton Hall was ready for occupancy, the art department

moved there.

The music department now occupies Albright Hall.

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